60D + telescope: problems

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Re: 60D + telescope: problems

asad137 wrote:

Y0GI wrote:

Could you please elaborate on the "Linear Response Option"? I am unable to find it in DPP and a search of the help files came up empty. I'd sure like to know more about it!

In the RAW tab of the edit toolbox, right below the "Shadow" slider (in the set of sliders below the histogram) is a checkbox marked "Linear Response". Changes the entire input/output levels curve.

Thank you, Asad! I can't believe that I missed that little check box!

I tried it on one of my landscape shots from yesterday and it made the image really dark. I guess that, as noted above, it is most useful for over-exposed images.
From the DPP Help Files:

"[Linear] - A function for advanced adjustment

Use [Linear] when you will be adjusting separately using image editing software that has advanced editing functions. Note that when [Linear] is checkmarked, the image will become dim.

"The Auto Lighting Optimizer will not function when [Linear] is checkmarked."

Thanks again!

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