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Re: How close or far away? was there anything shiney or dark? can

royalpar1 wrote:

I did post please review and critique. My images outside are great, however it appears that the color inside with the flash is listless.

It is clear that the flash did not fire in many indoor shots. You should decide whether you need flash (with lower ISO) or use ambient light (with higher ISO). The White Balance is quite different in both cases.

Also what does the change of the settings to rear and ttl mean and how will it change the images ie. use PRE TTL FLASH, REAR SYNC settings? you can also try to manually power down the flash and see if it makes any difference.

Both TTL and ADI should give decent results. "Rear" does not influence the exposure. Moving objects may have a trace behind them with "rear" instead of in front of them.

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