On the verge of ditching u43s

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Re: family camcorder

I did notice the same thing with respect to the shallow depth of field, particularly when trying to follow my grandson around with a GH1. I have found instead that the LX5 works better for this purpose, because of its greater depth of field. It's sensor is still much bigger than standard camcorders and has very little noise even in dim room lighting. The zoom range is smaller, but I can live with that.

Secondly the negatives:

1. I'm used to just mashing the big red button on my HV20 and video being captured flawlessly. This doesn't happen on the GH2. I suspect that this is due to the shallower depth of field inherent in u43s. Most videos end up with obvious hunting and refocusing. Whilst the GH2 may be capable of great quality video due to its great (for video) sensor this is of merely academic interest when the camera struggles to maintain focus. I've tried the focus lock trick and it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. So (for my needs) this is a fail.

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