My impressions of the sunway foto Discal Clamp and L-Bracket (Arca Swiss)

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My impressions of the sunway foto Discal Clamp and L-Bracket (Arca Swiss)

I was looking for a Arca Swiss compatible quick release to replace my current (and aging) Weifeng qr system (looks like manfrotto hexagon). The plate was wearing down

and when I was in portrait mode the camera would just sag down.

Now, I don't mind paying but some of the prices I see for a l-bracket are just insane. So after long searching i came across a very helpful company making Arca Swiss

compatible quick releases and brackets. Sunway foto, i had a very long email correspondence... mainly because they sell universal brackets and I didn't know if it

would have fitted my D90.

Yesterday I received the items I ordered... I'll have to send one back as i have ordered a wrong size nodal slide (I should have known that a 20cm nodal slide will be

seen on a fisheye.

The L-bracket and the QR-clamp where however really nice. I was quite taken by packaging. I was expecting something in a brown carton box but the packaging was quite


Discal Clamp:

De Discal Clamp has a thread that is usable on a tripod (without ball-head)

included with it where

  • An Allen key

  • 2 bolts to attach the discal clamp to a panorama head

  • a m6 bolt to attach it to a ball-head

  • a special screw that allows you to attach the qr to a standard tripod thread (that goes into the camera)

I think this encompasses all possible ways to attach a qr to a tripod.


I had a long email correspondence prior to buying the L-bracket. Mainly because it's a universal bracket and it wasn't known it would fit a d90. They have 4 types so

choosing the right one takes a bit of measuring.

the differences are:
1. standard model
2. adjustable slide mount
3. removable edge
4. larger width (for large format camera).

The model I received had:

  • 3 Allen keys (for the edge, the safety stop and the tripod screw

  • 2 safety stops

  • tripod screw (to attach it to the camera)

I thought I would be best off with the adjustable slide mount. However it didn't have the 2 safety stops so I instead opted for the removable edge version. This proved

to be a good decision. Not only is it as good fit as you can get with the adjustable slide, it also seems that the edge should be at the front of the camera to mount

the l-bracket more properly.

I also must say. Sunway foto was able to help me quite adequately. After measuring my d90 we found out that the gps/shutter release connection could be used. As a

solution they wanted to adjust the bracket for me to make it accessible (cutting part of the metal). I agreed with that and assumed it would just be bare aluminum,

filed at best. When I received the items I noticed they anodized the bracket again. I was very pleased to see they went above and beyond.

This model has a 9mm spacing between the camera's left side and the bracket. The height made it nearly reach the camera strap bracket so even though I would have had a

sliding mount model it wouldn't have made the l-bracket fit any better. However, I have looked at other producers of l-brackets. Some are better but some have a gap as

big or bigger than this bracket.


The combination works well. The clamp is a good replacement for the previous QR plate. It has grooves like in all qr plates (Arca Swiss style). The safety stops work

well. The photo down shows the use of the l-bracket without securing the clamp.

The setup isn't too expensive and the quality is well.


When I saw the price and the product I had my doubts about the quality. I'm very happy to see I have been proven wrong. The price is half of kirk and really right stuff and i don't think there is a lot of concessions being made on quality. Yes it's not a custom plate, but i never wanted a custom plate as my camera would not be my last. The fit is not perfect, but it's pretty close, and pretty much the best you can expect from a universal l-bracket.


  • cheap (half the price of really right stuff)

  • Truly universal (they made an effort to be compatible with nearly any type of mounting of their clamp.

  • Great service. I spend more then 20 emails getting the right sizes and coming to a solution on how to fit the bracket to my d90. And they went above and beyond by adapting the product for my specific need.


  • Needs to come out of China (Although, nowadays this is no problem. I've gotten mine within 3 days of ordering)

  • Most models are universal models. They have a couple of custom fit plates, but these are for a d3 and the like

  • It's a universal clamp... meaning, you need to measure and make sure you have te right stuff.

I can really recommend this clamp and bracket. You'll get a l-bracket for $89 ($140.00 for a really right stuff) and a Discal clamp for $47 ($86.00

for a comparable clamp from really right stuff). That's quite a saving.

p.s. I had ordered a nodal slide but the size was wrong... silly me i should have known that 20 cm nodal slide wouldn't work with a fish-eye. In any case I'll get back to you on that and a new ball-head I'll be receiving soon.

Nikon D3 Nikon D90
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