I miss my D200

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Re: Shut up, or put up

Tony Beach wrote:

TFergus wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

You know what? You've been on my Ignore User list for a long time now, and for what I consider good reason. Now I've responded to your posts ...>

Always sucks when 3 days into an argument with someone, you have to try and convince them that they were on "ignore"... as if.

Usually means you lost the argument....

Well, you happen to be on my Ignore User list too, FWIW; and probably based on the same junk, as when you posted above about CCD and its colors. Notice though that until you responded to me, that I didn't reply back?

Dude... you're wasting your time thinking I care about anything you say.

I couldn't care less what sensor you prefer or who you pretend to have on ignore.

You claim to put people on ignore because they like the CCD and its colors... then go on and argue with them for days?!
Brilliant, Einstein.

All you do here on DPR is argue with people.
You won't win with me... so just pretend you can't see me (again).

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