I miss my D200

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Re: Shut up, or put up

Cytokine wrote:


That is a great photo and I complimented you when you posted it. it is also taken with a telephoto or similar lens which shows that you have not understood what I said.

I understood perfectly, and I totally dismiss it because it's not true. You seem to think the D300 only has an issue with noise in blue skies at wider AOVs because of micro lenses block too much light; well as novel as that fabrication of yours is, it's just another example of you grasping for something that is not there:

Taken at 16mm, is that wide enough for you? How about 10.5mm?

I do not have a D300 because as I have said many times I moved from Canon to get a Nikon CCD Camera.

Yet you act as if you are an expert on it.

Every post in a D200 thread is a threat to you why?

No, it is not, and I've already responded to that accusation of yours.

Every time we explore the differences between CCD and CMOS it is a threat to you why?

You and everyone else making this claim about the inherent superiority of CCD haven't "explored" anything. The argument is nothing more than unsubstantiated speculation, often supported by bad examples. What you people are doing is nothing more than spreading misinformation, and I find that offensive and take exception to it.

Every comment about the D200 is a comment about the D300 and has to made by a person who also owns a D300

No, but the D300 properly used is the answer to the D200/CCD myth, as is the D2x and many other excellent CMOS sensor DSLRs. As it just so happens, the D300 is the most relevant camera to compare for this forum as this is a forum dedicated to both the D200 and D300.


I have extensive experience with both cameras. Obviously that doesn't mean anything to you because you don't have that experience, and since you don't have a D300 you can't actually do any testing for yourself of what I have been saying for a long time in this forum. Instead, you run around looking for literature and other things to support your claim that the D200 can do something the D300 can't.

Moose Peterson for example thought D200 base ISO better for large prints than D300!

Do you have a link for that? Not that it matters to me, I would simply disagree with Moose Peterson about that.

People have different ideas about quality

I could point to Thom Hogan, who traded in his D200 for a D300, and never once said he missed the CCD sensor in the D200. It's easy enough to find what Thom has to say about that, just Google his review of the D300.

I have concluded that you are incapable of adding any reasoned, or interesting contribution to any civilized discussion, and therefore a complete waste of internet space. I will not respond to any further post from you.

Right, you will continue to post unsubstantiated crap. Fine, don't reply to any of my posts and don't mention me in any of yours, and if you don't then there's a very good chance that we will never have any exchanges in the future. I welcome that.

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