Pentax K-r (vs. Canon 60D)

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Re: Pentax K-r (vs. Canon 60D)

gee you got beaten up on the canon and pentax forums...well down and impressive feat.

But you do you understand its not the gear its the person behind the lense.

your an Australian.. are you anywhere near brisbane if you are or you can make to brisbane i'm more than willing to give you a course on a weekend.... just let me know.

you got to post images of your shoots as well so we can help you. no images no help...its that simple.

you got more than enough good advise... go buy the magaizines with tutorials in them. Start thinking in 4 dimensions... , it seperate a part of the image and to bring it out is three diminsions,the amount of light of time to freeze action is the 4 dimension

but to be honest a whole year and you still dont know what all the little numbers mean.... really shows that your either niave or worse ignorant.... but buying a new camera is not going to help... maybe you should down grade to somthing a bit simpler like a point and shoot.... then in a few years... move back up..

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