I miss my D200

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Re: Shut up, or put up


That is a great photo and I complimented you when you posted it. it is also taken with a telephoto or similar lens which shows that you have not understood what I said.

I do not have a D300 because as I have said many times I moved from Canon to get a Nikon CCD Camera.

Every post in a D200 thread is a threat to you why?

Every time we explore the differences between CCD and CMOS it is a threat to you why?

Every comment about the D200 is a comment about the D300 and has to made by a person who also owns a D300 Why?

Moose Peterson for example thought D200 base ISO better for large prints than D300! People have different ideas about quality get over it and grow up.

You give the D300 a bad name just by your rudeness, that's why ambassadors have impeccable manors, what you are doing for the D300 is tragic.

Please feel free to ignore me and leave D200 posters in peace, or make a simple but polite opposite point of view and allow others to express their opinion, no matter how crazy you think it is. People can judge for themselves the merit of both points of view. Some people think that macho behaviour is clever, it is usually a sign of a poor education and bad upbringing, or lack of intellect.

I have concluded that you are incapable of adding any reasoned, or interesting contribution to any civilized discussion, and therefore a complete waste of internet
space. I will not respond to any further post from you.


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