I miss my D200

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Shut up, or put up

Cytokine wrote:

From my experience with light collection methods, these micro lenses, can act as a filter, blocking out light from wide angles, and bending some good rays into bad angle rays. (No free lunch). The other factor is that the incident light rays will change according to scene and lens configuration. This may explain why the D300 can produce noise in skies, or any scene that has lots of scattered rays, that would register on film or on CCD, with no problems.

Man, you are so full of it, it's just ridiculous.

Yeah, the skies in my D300 photos are noisy as hell (not).

You cant beat nice quiet, large CCD pixels, that accept light from all angles, in all situations, with easy management of colour.

The D300 beats the D200 at any ISO above 200, so much for "all situations."

You know what? You've been on my Ignore User list for a long time now, and for what I consider good reason. Now I've responded to your posts in this thread because they have been directed at me, but frankly I have no use for what you write. I try to avoid being critical of people's photography in these forum as well, but I can't help noticing I've never seen anything of yours that I was envious of, or that would have been made any worse by a D300.

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