Advice please for switch from Leica to Nikon

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Re: Advice please for switch from Leica to Nikon

Firstly, thanks everyone for the helpful comments - even the 'drop to f/5.6' comment. After years of shooting with a RF you accept that there will be occasions when you miss a shot because you choose to take the risk shooting wide open with fast lenses.

Maybe my question should have been 'AF or MF?' but what I hope it doesn't turn into is the old discussion/argument over which is best - DSLR or rangefinders.

For those that are interested, here's how I set my M9 up:

Auto ISO - from 160 to 800 max (perfectly acceptable, virtually noise free)
WB - manual
Image quality - RAW + jpeg basic
Aperture priority (mostly)
Lens set wide open or at whatever I want to shoot at (rarely smaller than f/2.8)

This leaves me with having only to think about two things:

Focus & composition.

Picture taking like this can be surprisingly quick, probably quicker than most would realise.

Thanks again for the advice and here's wishing everyone a happy new year!

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