Help me decide! Nikon P7100 or Sony NEX 5N

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Re: Help me decide! Nikon P7100 or Sony NEX 5N

I have a Nex C3 with the kit zoom and a P7100. I shoot RAW and process in Lightroom. Since I acquired the P7100 I rarely use the C3. The C3 sensor is excellent, but the lens is just OK. Wide open the images it produces have soft corners. I have to stop down to f5.6 to sharpen the corners. On the other hand, the sensor of the P7100 is smaller. but it seems to be equally high quality. The deciding factor for me is the very high quality lens of the P7100. It is sharp at every aperture and at every focal length. I never print larger than 13X17. And I find that except for the more limited depth of field of the C3, I find little to differentiate my photos. I have shown my prints to non- photographers. They cannot tell the difference.

I have no doubt that in the hands of an expert who shot with each camera under extreme conditions, the Nex would outperform the P7100, but for travel etc. I prefer the P7100.

If Sony were to produce a higher quality zoom to replace the kit lens, I could change my mind.

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