New K-5 firmware on the way

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Re: New K-5 firmware on the way

Kewee wrote:

Not sure why I would read your thread on a 'metering issue' when every reputable review I've read, including the in depth review on this site, consider the K5's metering system gives very good exposures right through their testing in all conditions. Knowing how to read light to get the best out of any cameras meter helps.

And all those "reputable reviews" also fail to mention that the colours from the K-5 as delivered are so skewed it's unbelievable Pentax chose them without offering any Style that even remotely faithfully reproduces real world colours.

Reviews are great for the kinds of things that are not easy for a consumer to test, and as an overview of the product, but sites have advertisers to please end of story.

I'll take real world user experience over reviews any day.

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