X-10 canvas-like texture in dark areas

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Re: Yes, that's been stated many times: 6MP.

Paul De Bra wrote:

Re: Yes, that's been stated many times: 6MP.

The 12MP are mostly there for marketing. The X10 has 12 million pixels but it is not a 12MP camera. A 12MP camera with 4:3 aspect ratio would have a sensor of 4000x3000 pixels. The X10 does not (nor other EXR models). The X10 has 2 arrays of just over 2800x2100 and they are offset diagonally. So the camera has to create an image out of these 2 arrays. Note that this corresponds to a 5600x4200 array of which only half of the elements have any light. So to produce a 12MP image the camera has to do quite a bit of processing to obtain a 4000x3000 rectangular picture.

Obtaining a 2800x2100 picture is easy though as it's just a matter of combining the 2 arrays in the right way (binning pixels for SN mode or exposing them differently for DR mode).

So for all intents and purposes the X10 really is a 6MP camera although it has a 12 million pixel sensor.

Thanks for the explanation. I had not come across such statements before. I'm not a Mpixel freak and I'm quite happy with 6MP as "standard" resolution if that means good IQ and the declared advantages of EXR.
However, looking at the link provided by peter Rowe above:

the artifact I am referring to looks very much like an incorrect demosaicing being applied by the in-camera jpg engine. I will be trying some RAW shooting and conversions with different SW, and it will also be interesting to see the DPReview tests
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