I miss my D200

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Re: I can't help but chuckle...

Sorry guys, I can't help myself

Every time I see a D200 thread, it gets exactly to the same place every single time.

D200 lovers vs Tony

CCD crowd vs CMOS crowd

Tony, I don't mean in any way to pick a fight against you, but have you ever noticed you're on a cruzade against the CCD crowd (in particular D200 fans)?

It's like watching a movie you already know the ending: start a D200 thread, say something good about it, and you bet, Tony will appear sooner or later.

I don't want to stir the pot more than it already is, but oh!, if people love the D200, let them be.

IMHO, if a large (I mean LARGE) number of people truly start believing on something, give it a try, and try to understand what exactly they're talking about.

The number of people praising the D200 at base ISO (me included, I'm guilty as well) is so considerable that there must be something almost intangible going on.

But edit that: it's not intangible. It's just you don't see it in that particular case.

The fact you don't see it, it doesn't mean it's not there.

Please, with an open mind, take a look at Canon's Forum and you'll see folks are praising the 5D 1 as a masterpiece.

5 years ago, I would't agree with that as I was too much of a Nikon fanboy.

Today, I can appreciate all brands, and with an open mind, fairly judge the 5D's IQ.

Now I must admit I agree with that bold statement.

There's something punchier about those 5D's files, that would require a different thread to ilustrate it.

Maybe it's something within its very flaws! People say the 5D blows highlights just like slide film, which itself leads to contrasty images.

The thing is, many talented photographers World wide will agree that there's something special with the 5D's files.

The same is happening with the D200. I see it very clearly, there's a special signature within those files I do not see on many other cameras.

You see... I've lost my D700 for 6 months this year, due to an accident, and for 6 months I had to rely on my old D200.

Is it coincidence that several shots from these 6 months are among my very best ever?

I had many D200 shots that went directly to my main portfolio.

As a 100% base ISO shooter, I must say the D200 is indeed a gem.

IMHO, the D300 is a jack of all trades. It tries to be good at base ISO and tries to be acceptable at High ISOs, but at both ends, it does not exactly shine.

The D200 is mediocre at High ISO, no doubt about it, but at base ISO it produces gorgeous results.

It's not great at everything, it's exactly the opposite: it shines at just one single place, but at that one place, it's a gem.

That's my opinion, YMMV.

This post is getting very long, but I just wanted to say that people do not praise every camera ever made for free.

You won't see any D1, D2, D100, D90, D300 (etc) praising thread.

But just like Canon's 5D 1, the D200 is praised by a large number of shooters. Why is that?

hmm... there must be a reason, don't you agree?

Have a wonderful day, and a Happy New Year

Marcio Napoli

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