V1 vidoes stuttering

Started Dec 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
dave steinberg Regular Member • Posts: 315
30 FPS smoother than 60 FPS

I tried the Nikon V1 HD video on 3 different mac computers. All were played from the computer's SSD/hard drives.
1. 2.5 yr old Mac Air 2.13 GHz with SSD
2. new Mac Air 1.7 GHz (but benchmarks twice as fast as #1) with SSD.

3. 2008 Mac Pro with quad core 2.8 GHz and 10 mb ram and Geoforce 8800GT video card.

The HD video taken at 30 FPS works well on all three.
HD video at 60 FPS stutters on #1 and #3 and is only smooth on my new Air.

So, maybe only the newest computers can handle 60 FPS.

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