D7000 back-focus issue, sample shot

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Re: D7000 back-focus issue, sample shot

GMack wrote:

Mine sometimes does it too...sometimes. Wish it did it more, but what can you do?

Found some old farm and wooden barn in my travels and I went around to the other side and found this. I thought it might be the rancher and I could talk him into using the site someday. I sneaked-shot this and tap danced off into the cold morning light.

It was cold that morning and the guy was dressed for it and I had my jacket on. They were too engrossed in whatever he was doing and they never even saw me. The guy had a ton of equipment out there and they must have been there since sun rise. Sounded like others were setting up some stuff inside the barn too. Reflectors, umbrellas, stands, flash units were scattered all over the place.

She seemed fine and was drinking water. Must be some tough northerner who is used to the cold.

Some people have all the luck.


There is something wrong with your camera also. Your photo shows a crack in the image.

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