Help me decide! Nikon P7100 or Sony NEX 5N

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Help me decide! Nikon P7100 or Sony NEX 5N

Respectfully would like to know if I would be pleased with the image quality of the P7100. Like many here I have shot Nikon for years. Started as an amateur in 1976 and continue to enjoy playing around with photography as my main hobby. Have shot the D200, D300, D300s and various prime and zoom lenses. My gallery is here if anyone is at all interested:

Years back I tried some Canon gear, namely the 30D and 40D but took the financial bullet and switched back to Nikon and never looked back.

I travel by plane quite often for business and would like to take a quality camera with me. Image quality being the important factor! Please don't tell me that I should carry a DSLR and a couple of lenses. I already have a suit case, computer case and equipment bag to contend with, so I would like to stuff a P7100 sized camera, or a little bigger, in my computer bag and nothing too much bigger/heavier. I was ready to pull the trigger on a P7100 but over the Christmas holidays had some spare time to research alternative cameras. I started researching and learned that the Sony NEX 5N has a Sensor that is, in fact, better than the sensor in my D300s. I think its equivalent to the sensor that is in the D5100 and D7000 but I apologize if I'm wrong in this respect.

I'm in British Columbia Canada and the price of the P7100 here is $499.00. The Sony NEX 5N is $629.00 at Future Shop. To me the camera's are basically at the same price point, and what matters most is getting a camera that will consistently give me the image quality that I desire.

I'd prefer to stay with Nikon as I like to process my RAW images with Capture NX2. I'm familiar with the products and I prefer Nikon colours/saturation etc. However, I must confess that the images I see being produced from the Sony NEX 5N cause me to scratch my head and wonder if the much smaller sensor in the P7100 can give me the results that I'm after. I don't mind packing around a smaller camera but I DO want excellent images.

I'm sure there are others in the same position. If you can offer any comments or suggestions in a positive manner, it would be appreciated.



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