Pentax K-r ... best in test once again

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Barry Fitzgerald Forum Pro • Posts: 29,888
Re: Live view is ok..

ozdean wrote:

Barry why don't you buy a K5 for shooting your weddings, it is a pro oriented camera and has the tungsten light auto focus module to accurately handle the low light tungsten wavelength?

I do agree that it would be very frustrating as a pro wedding shooter to be using a KR as low light tungsten is a regular occurrence.

BTW you are using a pro grade fast portrait lens like the DA55 I assume for this work so that it can grab the maximum light to catch focus?

I'm not completely convinced the K-5 is going to solve my problems, likely less of an issue but not a full fix as such.

I shoot a variety of subjects the wedding aspect is just one of those and not the main part (more commercial/portrait work) so obviously I need a good all rounder for this role.

I halted any further purchases after the K-r issue but to be honest I would not likely look at the 55mm f1.4 as a viable option for me.

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