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Re: CCD, they myth that won't die

Tony Beach wrote:

Cytokine wrote:

PHOTONICS SPECTRA © Laurin Publishing Co. Inc. CCD V CMOS Facts & Fiction

• Dynamic range, the ratio of a pixel’s saturation level to its signal threshold. It gives CCDs an advantage by about a factor of two in comparable circumstances. CCDs still enjoy significant noise advantages over CMOS imagers because of quieter sensor substrates (less on-chip circuitry), inherent tolerance to bus capacitance variations and common output amplifiers with transistor geometries that can be easily adapted for minimal noise. Externally coddling the image sensor through cooling, better optics, more resolution or adapted off-chip electronics cannot make CMOS sensors equivalent to CCDs in this regard. Author Dave Litwiller is Vice President,
Corporate Marketing at DALSA in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Published in 2001, which is six years before the D300 and four years before the D200.

Yes! but notice your 2011 article still Refers to it!

I think what is clear is that the technologies in each camera are very different, and it is not at all surprising that some favour the look of one and some the other.

I personally think the D200 has much smoother tones which the article predicts but the D300 has better shadows also predicted (However in longer night exposures the D200 is very smooth as well, even in shadows) or in any situation if the exposure is good.

And if you like the CCD look then the D200 is the last of its kind. in the DXXX series

I have a lot of faith in Nikon and if they think CMOS is the way forward they are probably right, but I personally like the look of CCD.


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