R1900 vs. 3880

Started Dec 30, 2011 | Discussions thread
Phil Hill Senior Member • Posts: 2,750
Re: R1900 vs. 3880

Ramonn wrote:

I wonder if the gloss optimizer on the R1900 results in better prints on satin/luster surfaces than the 3880 would. I keep going back and forth on this. So little time remains. What would you do?

If the inks in the 3880 are the same as in my R3000, you can pretty much avoid gloss differential by sticking with papers that are a good match. I’ve seen papers that had, in my opinion, unacceptable differential. However, I’m currently using several for which differential has not been an issue unless I go looking for it.

Since I also have an R1900, I can say that the only significant difference I’ve personally seen is the superior B&W from my R3000 (and, presumably, the 3880).

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