Astrophotography with GPS O-1 !

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Re: Astrophotography with GPS O-1 !

Lidenbrook wrote:

".....In order to improve the S / N ratio and limited exposure because of the time, I took several images of each object. It's important to notice that you have to adjust field every 2 to 3 shots."

OK, i guess this is the key to getting a result like that you got .....

But how do you adjust the field?

By manually move the camera

And if I may, a second question: how much time passes between shooting and shooting? Do not move the object between each shot (and more with 200mm focal length)?

between 5 to 15 sec. roughly

I can not understand how the dog track sensor movement entre without the stars shooting and shooting.

Would I be happy if you could explain it to me, because i have a K5 and O- GPS 1, but i can not understand how to do what you have said to each shot without the stars come out in a different position every time.

Please, i am very interested in. This, and i really appreciate it if you could explain me in detail.

As you can see, i must be a little short of mind. Please let me apologize for it.

But I think the key is just how to make shots with the stars different in the same position, having spent some time between shooting and shooting and a shift in the therefore visual field, considering the camera follows that in a fixed position (initial) and the sensor returns to the home position for each 'shot ..

Do not understand how to restore the visual field so that the stars are exactly the same position as in the previous shot and I think that is the key.

The software used (DeepSkyStacker) for images stacking is also able to precisely aligns (translation & rotation) images before starting stacking process. So I don't care about images alignment during shooting. Of course the final result is a image slightly smaller than individual raw shoots because of field variation between each shoot.

I await your response with great interest.

Forgive my way of expressing myself, but i don't speak these language right enough.

By the way, I forgot the most important, the pictures are impressive, especially the second.
The third, was made also with the O-1 GPS?


Thank you very much and best regards.

You're welcome

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