I miss my D200

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Re: Gale ....Re: I miss my D200

TFergus wrote:

Excellent stuff !

I'm curious... is the one below a left-handed Les Paul strung to play right handed ?

I love the CCD... I don't have a D200 but I have a D80 along with my D700 that I can't bear to give away... what beautiful colours.

Like you I love the colour output of the Nikon CCD this was the reason that I transferred from a Cannon DSLR to the D200, which also inherited the much lauded (by Nikon) Analogue colour preconditioning developed for the D2X which became a legend for colour, when the D200 came out even Nikon conceded that the D200 had better colour hardware than the D2x (see Nikon behind the scenes Technical articles).

The D300 had its Analogue digital conversion done at pixel level giving it advantages, but it also meant that the analogue colour preconditioning system used on the CMOS D2X and CCD D200 could not be used.

The D200 was able to use the same D2X system because it was the only 4 channel output CCD chip designed by Nikon, this gave the camera the speed over its two digit brothers. So the D200 was a pretty unique camera. That said the 2 digit brothers all had that CCD something.

When the D300 brochure came out Nikon did not say much about its technology and Tony beach could give a good account of this when he is not being pig headed. But I believe it was not better or worse it was different, which caught some people unaware.

The D3 and brothers were master pieces of CMOS electronic technology.

CMOS and CCD have differences and I love having the choice, CCD at low IZO is something special. and so cheap to buy now.


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