Better "go to" lens other than 18-55?

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What he said!

Player9 wrote:

The 18-55mm IS is too good a deal -- when purchased as part of a kit with the camera -- to let it go.

I bought a second-hand 18-55mm IS for my 40D and was very pleased. It's not the equal of a $1,000 lens, but performance is excellent, and it has other advantages, such as size and weight. I would still be using it if I hadn't switched to full frame (5D).

A second lens that's greatly underrated for shooting people and street scenes is the 60mm f/2.8 macro. This is roughly the equivalent of 100mm on full frame, one of the most popular focal lengths for portraiture. It was with much regret that I traded this lens in on its full frame counterpart.

Don't forget that you can use flash indoors, so a really fast (i.e. expensive and heavy) lens isn't required. A little practice and preparation will produce images that don't look like snapshots. It's also cheap to position a few Home Depot incandescent worklights in your livingroom and shoot at f/2.8 or so. Canon's DPP software does an excellent job of color balance after the fact.

Have fun!

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