TFPS = A Trillion Frames Per Second

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Re: TFPS = A Trillion Frames Per Second

BHPhotog wrote:

Something new for those who want the ultra fastest FPS system...

Very impressive that they can do such short exposures.

Other then that it's almost like my still image cameras are really 4000 and 8000 fps cameras ... for repeatable events. Rolling shutter though.

Using 50% overlap between shots (closer to the sampling theorem) would make them 8000 to 16000 fps cameras.

The use of a "flash" as the light source we could argue that the use of 1/64000s flash would give us 64k to 128k fps motion picture cameras for repeatable events.

I wounder if someone have done any interesting with this already.

Still we can't freeze the light like they can

Here are some other short exposures not using flash or laser as the "short exposure light source"

Very expensive to repeater for an animation

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