m43 still outselling NEX 2:1 in Japan

Started Dec 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
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DSLRs outselling mirrorless by 3:1!

Everdog wrote:

Stuff we already know...
DSLRs are still on top, but losing marketshare.


Based on the website numbers, brand new DSLRs are stiill outselling mirrorless by 3:1! If you include market drag, lenses, and other equipment for existing users, the DSLR market share is probably much larger still and much more profitable than mirrorless. It doesn't look like the DSLR is dying nearly as quickly as most people seem to assume on these forums. Based on these numbers, the DSLR is not going the way of the Dinosaur anytime soon.

Personally, I like my DSLR, a Pentax K-x and am still happily investing in that system. I don't know what I would buy if I were a new user.

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