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Re: Crikey this thread is haunted

Wellington100 wrote:

ouch, ouch and OUCH!

fwiw...I simply disagree with you about the OVF. If it was a built in EVF of quality and didn't raise the price point at all I would be happier but as it is, it serves me well 'enough'. I dare say that if the X10 worked more predictably, then relying on a beep sound and noticing the green light in peripheral vision would make the current OVF more than adequate for my needs.

Ignore me I am just jealous. I spent some of the 60's and 70's holed up in Victorian style schooling in South Africa, while my contemporaries in the USA and the UK were getting on with drugs, sex and rock and roll.

Don't fret to much. I can speak from personal experience about the 60's & 70's. Trust me - after the first 10 years of solid sex & drugs it started to become a little boring;)

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