Getting a D700 soon... or D7000?

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Getting a D700 soon... or D7000?

Hi, I have a D300 which I love generally, but not so in IQ in low light. I had a D50 before and at that time I got very nice ISO 1600 RAWs, which I too have with the D300. But I got this used D300 thinking that I would have equal performance in low light at ISO 3200, but I was wrong. The worst thing is that the D300 seem to clip shadows much easier than the D50 did, and even in daylight when I shoot portraits the part of the hair that is in the shade is not more than a ugly smudge of black with grey pixels. This didn't happen with the D50, I was able to recover shadows if I wanted and instead of the smudge I got uniform noisy shadows, but I could see the hair there.

Maybe I'm not explaining this well. This happens also in churches for example. It seems that is a lot harder to bring back shadow detail with the D300. I'm using Adobe Lightroom 2 BTW.

So I'm about to sell my D300, sadly, because I love the way it handles. My dream camera is the D700, not only because of IQ, but also because I have 2 manual lenses and I wear glasses. It's a bit difficult to MF with one of my MF lenses (an 85mm f/1.4) and because I wear glasses I can't place my eye right over the viewfinder. Other thing is that the D300 doesn't have the 3-way focus confirmation light that the D700 and D7000 have, and I guess I could benefit a lot with the huge D700 viewfinder.

So, my plan is to get one of those cameras and stick to it for a lot of years. I thought that the D300 was the one but it disappointed me, especially when I used it on astrophotography.

As I said, the D700 is my dream camera and I'm in the process of getting a used one with less than 3000 actuations for about 1600€. I'm selling the D300 for 800€ (19000 actuations) plus about 600€ more for 3 of my DX lenses. I still keep the Tamron 70-300 VC, the Samyang 85mm f/1.4 and the Voigtlander 20mm that work in FX.

I probably will get the 50mm f/1.8G and then I'll only need a wide-angle lens to replace my Sigma 10-20 which I'm selling. What is the cheapest wide-angle lens for FX available now with good edge-to-edge IQ? It may be a prime lens.

Or... do you recommend the D7000 instead of the D700?
It's a difficult decision to make and I hope I make the right one.

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