I miss my D200

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Wojciech Sawicki
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Re: I can't help but chuckle...

Tony Beach wrote:

Wojciech Sawicki wrote:

... remembering how a few years back, the D200 was supposedly "fatally flawed" with the "banding fiasco" and was supposedly "the end for Nikon"

I was there when that was a big fuss at DPR (and presumably elsewhere). I had two different D200 bodies, and to varying degrees they both had the problem, and it's one thing I definitely do not miss about the D200.

Meh, there's no perfect camera, IMHO... The old D1 was banding even worse (horrid diagonal noise pattern at ISOs 400 and up), nearly every D2H (often brand new) throws errors (and fails to sync flash) at every first shot after a period of disuse... The 5D is badly sealed and the 5DmkII has pathetic AF... The first 1D made its photos look like they were stitched out of two vertical halves... I'm sure there are some annoying quirks in all of them.

Maybe except the D1H/X (aside from the atrocious battery) and D2X?

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