I miss my D200

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Re: the D200 does have very clean low iso noise

Karld70 wrote:

I have both, D200 & D300, kept my D200 as a backup when I upgraded to the D300 years ago. D300 has some good improvements over the D300, and I use it as my primary body. But one place the D200 does better for sure, is low noise at iso 100. Just can not be matched with the D300. As long as you are not pushing the DR limit (D300 is a little better DR). I still use the D200 for studio glamour shots over my D300.

Like I said above, you are obviously not using the D300 correctly if you don't think the D300 is for all practical purposes the same as the D200 at base ISO. The D300 has more headroom in its metering than the D200, if you use that headroom at base ISO then the D300 is around to ISO 125 compared to the D200's ISO 100. Would you say that the D200 is noticeably worse at ISO125 than it is at ISO 100? I wouldn't sweat those differences even a little.

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