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Re: best choice

I can only tell you about the 17-70.

I bought this lens recently together with the K-5 kit. It's better than the kit lens, which according to photozone is roughly equivalent to your 18-135. How much better than the kit? Not much, to be honest, unless you're pixel peeping. It's a bit better wide open, has sharper corners, and doesn't lose as much at the long end. I prefer it because I like fixed aperture lenses, but center resolution at optimum apertures is about the same, which is true for many lenses.

I was debating between this and the Tamron 17-50, which may be a marginally better lens and adds a stop of light, but the K-5 high ISO performance is so good I opted to go for the 17-70 because I wanted the SDM and the slightly longer focal length. Since you have the 18-135, the difference in aperture to the 17-70 isn't much, so I'd skip it and explore the f/2.8 options.

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