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Re: Live view is ok..

Gary Martin wrote:

I also have an 'entry level' K200D, had a K-m before that and a *istDS before that, and none of them had problems with FF in tungsten light like the K-r has.

Every Pentax DSLR I have owned exhibited FF in Tungsten lighting. So far I have owned:

2 x Istds
2 x K100
2 x K10
2 x K20
1 x K7
1 x K5

I have tested this rather extensively, more recently in pretty well controlled conditions, and the results are very clear: FF in lower light and lower temp light.

You can also search these forums for past discussions about this issues, including trying hot mirror IR cut filters for the K10 to try and solve the problem, which it did not. That has been tried for the Kr as well, and contrary to RiceHigh's assertations, it was reported to not be of any help with Tungsten FF.

You can also search RiceHigh's blog as he has been whining about this problem since before the introduction of the K10. His bashing and constant whining and trolling this forum over Pentax AF issues is what got him banned from here and also from the other Pentax forum.

I think that in many cases, the users do not understand that the ambient light might be below the specified lower limit of the AF system without realizing it. The specs for the Kr are -1EV to 18EV with a 50mm f1.4 lens. Note the f1.4 part.

The lower limit moves up with slower lenses attached. Every stop slower moves the ambient light lower limit up 1 EV, so if you are shooting with say the 55-300 f4.5-5.8 and have it zoomed near the 300mm range wide open, the lower limit of the AF range will be EV3.

Now f5.8 might also mask some amount of focus shift at EV3, but a soon as you drop the ambient light to 2.9Ev with this lens zoomed to 300mm, all bets are off as you are outside of the specified operating limit of the AF system.

I do not have access to a Kr to try and test it under reasonably controlled conditions, but it would be a worthwhile project if for no other reason than to see if the reported problems are due mainly or partly to what I describe above and if the camera actually performs to the specifications or not?


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