I miss my D200

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Re: CCD, they myth that won't die

Cytokine wrote:

Tony most people can underhand [sic] that if you want to compare two sensors you choose two cameras that have the same basic implementation, like the D200 and D2X, the D300 has A/D conversion on chip, as you are well aware, therefore your posts are deliberately intended to be obtuse.

Are you a fool? I don't know what your trip is with the D200, but it's just pathetic. There's really nothing left to discuss here because you are just dodging and weaving (i.e., obfuscating) to try to avoid the obvious, which is that the D200 does no better (and actually, a shade worse according to DxO Mark) than the D300s, at base ISO. Why does the D300 test differently than the D300s? The answer is probably because DxO Mark didn't measure the D300 at ISO Lo 1 (ISO 100 equivalent), but did measure the D300s at that setting -- so as I've said many times, this comes down to understanding how to expose properly at base ISO.

BTW, what is your experience with the D300/D300s? I've shot about 100,00 actuations with my two D200 bodies, so it's not as if I haven't had extensive experience with it. I like the D200 just fine at base ISO, I would have no problem using the D200 instead of the D300 if that's all I wanted to do with it, but the D200 has no advantages over the D300 for me while the D300 has numerous advantages over the D200.

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