Pentax K-r (vs. Canon 60D)

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Re: You've spent a full year and learnt nothing?

Nice, thanks.

I've learnt a fair bit actually, but I'm only 19 and trying to figure out all of the information that is out there. There's alot, and for someone who (unlike yourself) hasn't been around cameras for years, it's overwhelming. Sure, you would've had to figure out in the beginning too, but there's alot of new technology now-a-days.

You got a lot of sound advice last year around this time and ignored it all

What makes you think I ignored the advice? I read it all, took all of it in, but without having actually had the experience of having one in my hands for an extended period of time before it was hard to know what it was I expected.

Nothing will help you, you are a leech, sucking information out of people for the hell of it

No, I'm not sucking information out of people for the hell of it, I'm trying to get specific information from people on a more personal level who may be able to tell me in a way reading all of the other articles on the internet can't.

The K-r seems loud and clunky to me and it struggles to focus. I'm not happy with the photos it takes possibly because I only have the 18-55 3.5-5.6 kit lens, and that isn't going to give me the DOF I want in my photography. But I'm cautious about buying a new lens for it because of the loudness. I assume it will be just as loud and clunky with a different lens. (?)

Everyone else who has politely suggested I learn the basics, thankyou heaps. (And sorry for mainly focussing on the person who wasn't polite.) I will try and use the things you all mentioned and see how I go.

I've thought about taking a photography course at TAFE (a further education institute), because maybe I learn better practically and with the help of other people instead of theoretically. I don't have many opportunities to take camera courses around here though. I have read, and I know a bit. But confidence is a big thing and I'm trying.

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