I miss my D200

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Re: CCD, they myth that won't die

Cytokine wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

You have created a fantasy that the D200 offers something tangible or significant at low ISO that the D300 lacked. This is (as I said above) just a bunch of crap.

No Tony! You suggested comparing the D200 to the D2x which I have done, and you keep bringing the D300 into the discussion not me.

Well, your argument is about CCD versus CMOS, so both the D300/D300s as well as the D2x are relevant to that vis-a-vis the D200.

Some people see something special in the D200 and we are justified to say so this, this being a D200 forum.

It is also a D300 Forum, and the D200 and D2x used to share the same forum.

If this is my fantasy it is one shared by DXO mark and many other people.

Yes, it is shared by other people, but not by DxO Mark:

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