External AF motor for MF lenses

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Re: External AF motor for MF lenses

graphikal wrote:

Why doesn't anyone make such a thing? It could involve these components:

  • an adapter, the size of other adapters available for various third-party MF mounts, which would communicate with the camera for autofocus commands

  • a motor which could rotate a clamp, which could be affixed to the MF lens's focus ring; the motor's external housing could be stabilized, perhaps by affixing it to the camera's tripod mount or the battery pack discussed below

  • an external battery pack to power the motor, which could be a fairly small plate-like device designed to affix to the bottom of the camera, via the tripod mount, and could offer a pass-through mount for a tripod/monopod underneath, and also could help hold the motor's housing steady

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One problem is that phase detect AF need to be optimized for each lens for it to work correctly. So there has be some interface to enter what lens the adapter is being used with.

Otherwise the adapter will not know how much (or direction) it need to rotate the focus ring to set correct focus.

For contrast detect AF cameras it would be easier to make this as the AF do not need to optimized for each lens in the same way, but then it is probably easier to use a solution like the Pentax AF tele converter.

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