Pentax K-r (vs. Canon 60D)

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you went

Good done beating him up??..:)

newmikey wrote:
Just quoting your own year-old message back to you...


I can't decide out of Nikon or Canon, I'm leaning towards Nikon though. What is the difference in picture quality, etc.?


I've had my Pentax K-r for a year now, it was the first SLR camera I have had, but I'm not sure I'm overly happy with it.


I want something that takes great photos


Has anyone else thought found that you can't control the settings fully manually, if you want to change one thing it changes another without you wanting it to and it never gets the exposure right?


As well has being able to have the whole frame clear. (Such as for landscapes. I guess for this I would need a bigger lens..


I've found the Sv (sensitity priority automatic exposure) setting is the best to use to get the exposure right with less blurring(movement) but it still seems difficult if you don't have the flash on.

It's probably just my bad camera skills and not knowing exactly what I'm doing, what all the letters and numbers mean, and how to use it properly.

You got a lot of sound advice last year around this time and ignored it all. What should make us think you really want any advice this time around? You just want confirmation of whatever you have already decided.

And I'm considering getting a Canon 60D, what do you think?

You'll probably make as many crappy pictures as with the K-R or any other camera for that matter. If you knew then-, know now- and acknowledge you don't know what "all the letters and numbers mean, and how to use it properly" then get a grip on yourself and learn for godsake, there is enough info available through books, magazines, sites such as dpreview.

ALSO I have this thread open too with more information if it helps you help me:

Nothing will help you, you are a leech, sucking information out of people for the hell of it, you are unwilling to spent even a minute of your precious time to put any effort towards understanding or even searching for information and answers to your questions.

Buy the darned 60D, it's an excellent camera (as most DSLR's are nowadays) and go complain in the Canon forum come next December, please!

As long as you remain ignorant by choice, spending money will not make you smarter.

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