GXR is still growing on me

Started Dec 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: GXR is still growing on me

Yomama wrote:

Had a trip to Taiwan, didn't shoot much (around 300+ shoots). But boy this A12 50mm is becoming my favourite module. I have to say that this is a camera you have to spend time with, and I am glad I did!!

I agree: the GXR takes some time to be comfortable with. It gets better the more you use it, the exact opposite of many a camera I've owned.

The A12 50mm Macro camera unit is a great performer and very versatile. I often still fit this to the camera and wander about with it for a week or more, adding a small optical viewfinder, and love working with the camera this way. It's light and handy in this configuration, and has satisfyingly close focus.

I was out shooting with the GXR + A12 Camera Mount, a Skopar 28mm and the EVF last evening. The camera feels entirely different but just as superb: very handy, very precise, more serious ... and again superb imaging.

It is simply a great design very nicely executed when all is said and done.

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