OPINIONS needed on Canon SX130is

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Re: OPINIONS needed on Canon SX130is

SUE O'BRIEN wrote:

I am considering getting this camera to carry in my purse since selling the G12 because it was to heavy. I read several reviews on Amazon that stated: 1. Horrible battery life.

So far of the users' reviews I've read complaining about battery life were those using AA Alkaline batteries. Use AA rechargeable NiMH or AA Lithium batteries. IMHO kind of dumb of Canon to include AA Alkaline batteries. Just remember AA rechargeable NiMH batteries will lose their charge if not used for a period of time.

2. Moisture and dust getting into the lens.

Been using the SX130 for a year, have not experienced either yet. Guess someone using the SX130 in dusty environment and doing a lot of zooming between wide to tele, dust may get sucked in when zooming from wide to tele.

What type of "moisture"? Under the right conditions, any camera lens can have condensation occur in the lens. Being that you're "deep in the south" may be an issue due high humidity. Do a Google search for "Lens Condensation" and you'll find plenty of articles on the subject and how to reduce it from occurring -- e.g.,


3. Low shutter speed.

Need more of a clarification of what's being referred to as "Low shutter speed" to provide a reply.

My most important question is: How visible is the LCD in bright sun? ...

Again so far for "me" only an issue if the sun and/or bright light is behind you. There are some LCD film protectors that can help reduce the glare. One of the reasons I will never buy any higher-end digital compact that does not have a optical or LCD viewfinder.

Overall the SX130 a great bang-for-the-buck when you can get one on sale.
FYI couple of reviews on the SX130 with full size images you can view/download:

Personally, there's no significant features/reason to get the SX150 in lieu of the SX130 -- i.e., still CCD sensor (not the new HS); no mini HDMI port (even the little ELPH 100 HS has both of these).


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