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Re: CCD, they myth that won't die

Tony Beach wrote:

Cytokine wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

Logge wrote:

the only thing where i would still prefer the D200 is portrait shooting, that CCD simply gives the best results of all DX bodies.

Ever compare it to a D2x? I'm just wondering.

The D200 and the D2X both well known for good colours, D200 = CCD and D2X = CMOS, so we can compare CCD V CMOS since they both used the same sophisticated analogue processing of colour prior to digital conversion.

Result! even with the update of the D2XS, (2007) the D200 had better Portrait colour depth and landscape dynamic range. (DXO-Mark)

DXO Mark rates the D300s slightly ahead of the D200 in color depth and the D300 slightly behind, a completely negligible difference; they also rate the D300 at half a stop better than the D200 for "landscape dynamic range."

Thank you Tony for pointing out that the D200 was also marginally better than the D300 for colour depth, but I was comparing with the D2x which had a a similar configuration to the D200. Yes, colour depth was only marginally better, however landscape dynamic range was over half a stop better than D2X and high ISO performance was also better.

The Native CCD pixel has twice the dynamic range of CMOS (DALSA) facts and fiction.

While improvements have been made in high ISO noise and Dynamic range in later cameras it has been at the cost of colour control. and very little if any improvement to IQ at ISO 400 and below. Because pixel level A/D conversion and amplification now precludes analogue colour preconditioning, and CMOS is just beginning to catch up with CCD at low ISO.

You're just trying to rationalize an argument you've been making for a long time here. It's a bunch of crap.

At least I am consistent, in my praise for a remarkable camera that was a technical tour de force, released in 2005 and still relevant today, the best of Nikon colour technology combined with the best sensor available at that time. Yes the future is CMOS but that has more to do with the bells and whistles that the current market demands, than IQ at low ISO.


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