How many professional photographers bother with color management?

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Re: How many people bother with color management? cringing...

I use color management. Wife has an interest in playing with photos. So.....she got a new IPS monitor ----and calibration for Xmas this year. The kid in college just developed an interest in photography after 20 years of exposure to it and little she got an IPS monitor and calibration lessons and loan of equipment for Xmas as well.

I use a LaCie IPS screen and have for a number of years...and the difference in output consistency and print matching is so much, that I cringed at the idea of my family members wasting time modifying images for themselves with non--calibrated work flows.....and so viewed it essential that they have both better monitors, and calibrated ones. The other option is to likely make things worse rather than better when viewing them on a computer screen....and who wants to waste time doing that?

and yes I also cringe when I know so many of my clients are viewing my work on uncalibrated monitors...but I just try to educate them about what they are missing.

The reality is that today, for $60+ and change, you can buy a decent calibration piece of equipment that will even help a cheapTN screen render better much better images....close in color to what the IPS screens will render...though the gradations possible in a larger gamut IPS screen will be better yet....but at the price of a calibrator today, it is becoming more reasonable to let clients know what they need to change and then hope they have done so. IPS screens are also now available at much more reasonable prices than they were when I got the LaCie. The wife's ASUS proArt 24 1200x1900 screen was less than $500 delivered. The kid's LG 23 IPS screen under $300 at a major retailer's store. Both are seriously better than any TN screen out there.

The LaCie, and the Asus had little change after calibration....but the terrible screens on all of our laptops benefited running calibration software on them...though I still NEVER use any of the laptop screens for any color modification work (unless I have to for an emergency in the field) because it is never as good as what I do on the calibrated IPS monitors at home..

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