Is the Panasonic G3 or GH2 clean at base ISO?

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Re: I don't think any camera is that clean.

Big Ga wrote:

Activatedfx wrote:

my GH2 and my GX1 captured images at base through 3200 ISO that are virtually indistinguishable.

1. would you say the same holds if you're shooting outdoors and not in your studio (and when you said you shot > the tests in your studio - were you using bright studio lighting or various levels/types of light?)

I was using a studio strobe. It's been nasty, cold, overcast here since I got the GX1, so no outdoor shots yet. Maybe today.

2. Were you only looking for noise, or were you also checking for DR?

I was testing mostly for noise, but the images from both GH2 and GX1 are eerily identical in every way. Highlights are exactly the same, DR is exactly the same, overall look and sharpness were identical. The only difference was a slightly warmer auto white balance tone from the GX1.

3. what's the malleability of the files like at base ISO?

Well, it's not as good as a Canon 5DII (which I owned and sold once I bought the GH2 last year!) or a Leica M9 but, if properly exposed, I never feel like I run out of post-processing "headroom" with the GH2.

One note on the GH2 - I generally keep it set to +1ev at all times. The GH2 seems to consistently underexpose by @1 stop. I USED to be frustrated that nearly every image had to be boosted in Lightroom, but not since I started leaving it at +1! (The GX1 seems to expose properly.)

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