Pentax K-r ... best in test once again

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Barry Fitzgerald Forum Pro • Posts: 29,888
Live view is ok..

But a few issues the mirror has to drop to allow the shutter to fire again no idea why as it can fire in MLU on the timer. This can lead to a delay and you might miss critical shots.

Also by not supporting the camera "close to the face" as per normal OVF operation it's less stable and more prone to camera shake even with SR on.

Yes you can use that as a work around if you are ok with live view. Setting AWB to tungsten does not work I tried that one.

Pentax say this is a problem with all models

This was confirmed to me by a Pentax support manager and their email response says

"The focusing is quite a complex process and it depends not only on type of light (like tungsten) but for exapmle on color rendering index.

There is no solution at this moment. As soon as it's fixed it will be announced on the following website: "

Maybe a solution will turn up..

Personally I gave up on this because I believe the issue should have been addressed by the manufacturer a long time ago.

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