Pentax K-r ... best in test once again

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Re: Pentax K-r ... best in test once again

Yes, I do find the tungsten-light FF problem frustrating at times.

I knew of the problem prior to buying, and yet I bought it and found it to be a very capable camera.

As there is an easy "work around" by setting the WB to tungsten to get rid of the problem, I find the issue to be correctable and thus "I can live with it". It's like driving an automatic transmission with a not-so-responsive kick-down. You just have to manual-shift when need be. You just have to pay more attention.

No, I'm not saying Pentax can get away with this. Pentax MUST correct this QC issue, at least with their future models, testing them thoroughly in all situations imaginable.

A friend of mine wants to buy a K-r after having tried mine. I told her of the FF issue and how this can be avoided, she was happy that at least there's a work around and will buy the K-r.

IMO, although far from perfect, the K-r is certainly the best in class, especially that I got mine for $800 with the 18-55 and 55-300 (cheap, considering where I live).

[I find the correctable AWB FF issue less anoying than not being able to see the focus points in the K-x, especially when you need to use the many-points AF like when shooting BIF.]

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