7D Sharpness - disatissfied

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Re: 7D Sharpness - disatissfied

TimPATL wrote:

The best bit of feedback on this area of AF was to set the AF display on the pix review and next to skip using the "green square" and stick to P for "Auto Shots" giving some control of ISO.

I am not sure that I follow the recommendation above. Using pix review is too late if I understand what you said correctly. In that case, the focus point in the view finder should be a better choice if one pays attention to it during taking the snap. I did not follow other thread completely to see whether you show where focal points that camera thought during the shot were to confirm my guess.

When you don't devote your waking life to photography it is only through practice, trial & error, and feedback that you develop the real world and not textbook application of the principles of DOF, lens interaction, etc.

My point was it is not that 7D is too complex in response to the other poster assuming that you stated the transition from KISS DSLR model. That was all I was trying to say. When you look at the picture (of course after the shot was taken), with the understanding of the how DOF work then it would help isolate the problem seen.

Yes, I can understand from some one who does not understand this to miss judge the outcome from the photo taken.

I dare say I could pass any written exam on the subjects, but when you get in the heat of the moment and you have a chance at a shot sometimes book learning isn't enough. There is some place between the artististic and the snap where a person can love photography, recongize a good photo from a snap, and still capture life's little moments on a subject that perhaps no one else on this forum would care about or find interesting besides the photographer. That shot in the eyes of the photographer is just as important to capture the record of that moment with clarity.

Unfortunately, that is how the nature of the machine and what it is designed for. If at a spur moment you need to take a quick shot then an SLR may not be the right tool given the limited background knowledge of the machine the person has. In that case, a P&S might be a better choice.

I am grateful to those on this forum that recognized that and forgive the lapses in basic technique to simply say what they observed and get back on the right track of the things I realize I already know I should have been doing.

Forest from the trees, you know.

I hope my response does not go against you or any one. I would just want to say that 7D is not that hard to learn if one wants to (at least at the level that it can be useful). I also came from KISS model (1000D) and I do not have problem during the transition . I am not an expert or claim to be great with it in anyway but I do not see the same difficulty during the transition. It felt more of getting from driving a small compact car to a luxurious one rather. I can do more with. That is all.


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