Pentax K-r ... best in test once again

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Re: Which magazine?

drummerman wrote:

Forums usually bring the worst out and focus on perceived or real problems more often than good points in a product. Pentax is still selling the camera (as far as I know) so there must be a lot of satisfied users out there for each one that is not happy.


I see it a different way myself. I've been quite open about how good the K-r is in many ways, but such an issue can for some users a very serious problem depending on how much you shoot in these lighting conditions (for me it's about half of all shots I take, thus a major issue)

I'm sorry but if a camera can't AF with any reasonable degree of accuracy in common light such as this I see that as a pretty hefty issue myself. I know forums can have chatter and sometimes those points can be not very valid or user error. This is not the case with the K-r

I know it upsets Pentax fans but ultimately the company is responsible for it's product, and whilst I'm sure there are happy K-r users (who don't shoot often in this light) there are probably quite a few not so happy ones.

The fact Pentax continue to sell the camera with a known fault speaks volumes about the company IMO. they also admit the issue (thus I can't see why there is a debate on "if it's an issue" at all)

So yes to me it ruins what could have been a superb camera.
Reality is real world use reveals a lot more than a few snaps on a web review.

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