7D Sharpness - disatissfied

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Re: 7D Sharpness - disatissfied

Stollen1234 wrote:

sorry but you are wrong. you were complaining about the sharpness of the 7D in general.. you did not ask for help and why your photos in particular were out of focus.

when someone say you need to learn how to use the camera before complaining..he is damn write and its not a personal attack...the 7D is a complex camera and you need to read the manual twice and take a lot of photos ...

I would not go all out and say that one needs to go over manual twice for this 7D is so complex (actually it would be good if one does). I think a person needs to understand basic camera and lens work (in this particular incident - the depth of field) and basic focus selection of the camera.

I do not recall now what is the default AF setting of 7D is, perhaps Canon should have choose a single focus point rather than all points.


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