Is the Panasonic G3 or GH2 clean at base ISO?

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Re: I don't think any camera is that clean.

Activatedfx wrote:

my GH2 and my GX1 captured images at base through 3200 ISO that are virtually indistinguishable.


A few questions if I may -

1. would you say the same holds if you're shooting outdoors and not in your studio (and when you said you shot the tests in your studio - were you using bright studio lighting or various levels/types of light?)

2. Were you only looking for noise, or were you also checking for DR?

3. what's the malleability of the files like at base ISO?

I'm asking as I have a G3, but am contemplating a GH2 as well. I'm just curious to know what if any differences I'm likely to expect. I would have hoped that the GH2 would be a little better at base ISO in terms of having more malleability when PPing the files. Not that the G3 is bad. But one could always do with a little more


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