Is the Panasonic G3 or GH2 clean at base ISO?

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Re: Example: E-PM1 and Nikon DSLR

dpreviewreader wrote:

mfbernstein wrote:

Shot side-by-side. Base ISO. Equivalent exposures. Processed with ACR, all NR off.

Here's what DPR has to say about NR in ACR

"Adobe does a degree of noise reduction even when the user-controlled NR is turned off.

The amount of NR applied 'under the hood' is not high, but it does vary by camera (Adobe is attempting to normalize output across different sensors), so we are still looking at a balance of noise and noise reduction, rather than pure noise levels."

ACR could be applying NR to the Nikon DSLR image even with NR turned off, and not to the EPM1 image, resulting in the difference.

First, that would be incredibly stupid of Adobe - why would they try to make one camera look worse than the other?

Second, it's factually incorrect. Processing the files with RPP or dcraw yields a mostly or entirely clean result for Nikon images, and a noisy one for the E-PM1.

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