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Re: My experience Metz & ETTL 2

M Mason wrote:

This past weekend was Christmas with the grandkids and the first outing for my new Metz 58 af-2. I pretty much just use ETTL 2 with my 7D. Seems my subjects are always moving and it's rare to get two shots in a row at the same distance.

Unfortunately, I have changed two pieces of equipment since my last flash experience, so my results are a combination of:

1. Using the Metz 58 af-2 instead of a Canon ex 580 ii

2. Using fast primes: Sig 30 f/1.4 & 50 f/1.4, Canon 85 f/1.8 instead of my Canon EF-17-40 f/4.

I bought the primes before Thanksgiving this year and used them at my son's house. There was enough light to not need a flash. I was in heaven!!!

Christmas was at my Daughter's house, not enough light even for the primes, used the Metz with all the above primes. Here are my observations:

1. I really like all the ergonomics of the Metz, my experience mirrors Zee's above. The mechanism that locks the foot to the hot shoe being the only awkward aspect.

2. I used bounce flash in ETTL 2 and found the exposure more consistent and easier to 'dial in' than the Canon. This may be unfair, since I have not used the canon with an f/1.4 lens. Seems to me a fast lens would need less light and one would have better consistency with any flash.

3. Like always, I found myself dialing in negative FEC. On the Metz -2/3 EV was about average (this was with the little front flash tube set to 1/1). I remember the Canon needing more FEC, but I really need to try them side-by-side in the exact same conditions.

4. I then looked at reducing the output of the little front flash. I was able to use 0 FEC and 1/4 front flash up to about 12 feet, beyond that 0 FEC and 1/2 front flash.

I really like the combination of main flash bouncing up and front flash filling. I prefer to adjust the front 'fill' flash. These are the best results I have gotten from on-camera-flash. In a week I plan on going back to my daughters (2-1/2 hr drive) and trying a two speedlite softbox setup.

Did not try auto mode.


Glad to hear you are having success. The camera store mailed it back today so I might get it by the weekend. I was the opposite. I did all my testing on Auto and will give it a good run on ETTL when I get it. I am curious how much it will power down in ETTL as compared to my 580.

I printed out and re-read the whole manual while at the cottage the last few days. According the Metz USA page 124 is just plain incorrect talking about FEC (Metz calls it EV) with the illustration showing the flash in "A" mode. Page 136 discusses EV while in ETTL, but no mention of "A" mode. I could not find any warnings not to adjust EV while in "A" mode.

I went back over last weekends shots and EV adjustment I made in A mode actually did make a change to the exposures even though Metz explained I should not have been doing that. The flash EV and FEC via the camera controls would lock up once the camera settings were outside the flashes parameters. No sure why Metz engineers did not lock out the FEC controls when in A mode.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you try A mode. Just remember to not have people with the first 10% of the exposure range that is showing in the flash. Metz recommends you subjects to be within the 2/3 range of flashed indicated output. So it shows 15 feet then between 5 and 10 feet is best.

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