Last shot tonight I promise...

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Re: This was the original shot..

NeilJones wrote:

Alupang wrote:

Thanks a lot for posting this. It seems like you have selective contrast (and gamma) control in different parts of the image. Looks like contrast was reduced in the kid to remove shadows but added everywhere else in the image. Amazing!

Thanks for showing me what's possible with good software and PP skills. No way I can produce shots like this OOC.

Thanks. And of course you can!

Yes of course I can. But I told myself that if I was going to invest back into photography that would have to mean less time sitting in front of my computer. I gained some weight playing World of Warcraft so I retired my Deathknight, purchased a Nex and dusted off my bike to get outside and ride. My Nex gives my bike riding added purpose and motivates me to ride even more.

But perhaps someday I will buy software and tweak all my images--when (and a big if) I look like Lance Armstrong lol.

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